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For the Diablo II skill, see Smite.

Class: Crusader
Required Level: 11
Skill Category: Primary
Generate: 5 Wrath

Smite enemies up to 30 yards away with holy chains that deal 175% damage as Holy. The chains break off and strike up to 3 additional enemies within 20 yards for 150% damage as Holy.

Damage Type: Holy
Other Stats: Destroys corpses

Smite is a Primary Crusader skill.


This attack does not follow the chain lightning pattern: instead, after hitting the main target, it splits into 3 separate shots, each homing at a random nearby target. A single chain may not hit the same enemy twice.


  • Shatter:  after a very brief delay, each target will also explode for 60% damage as Holy to enemies within 3 yards.
  • Shackle: each enemy hit also has a 20% chance to be Immobilized for 1 second.
  • Surge: increases number of secondary targets by 2.
  • Reaping: for every enemy hit, increases Life regeneration for 2 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. The amount scales with level, up to 6437 per stack at level 70.
  • Shared Fate: damage type changes to Lightning, and all enemies hit by a single chain become bound: if any two of the bound enemies venture more than 15 yards from each other, both will be Stunned for 2 seconds. Each chain is a separate binding of all affected targets, and each enemy can only be bound by one chain, overwritten by the latest one.

Non-rune enhancementsEdit

  • Golden Scourge (Legendary Flail): increases number of secondary targets by 3 (to a total of 8 with Surge rune).
  • Armor of the Kind Regent (Legendary Chest Armor): whenever Smite hits an enemy, a random second enemy within 30 yards will also be hit, each Smite resolved as a separate cast, fully benefiting from all enhancements. Will not work if there is only one enemy in range.
  • Depth Diggers (Legendary Pants): damage increases by 80-100%.
  • Simplicity's Strength (Legendary Gem): increases damage by 25% (+0.5% per rank) and heals the character for 4% of maximum Life per hit (rank 25 bonus).
  • Boyarsky's Chip (Legendary Gem): Taunts the first enemy hit for 2 seconds (rank 25 bonus).


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