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The Smiter is a build of Paladin that focuses on Smite: an attack that stuns and always hits when in range of a monster. It is one of the weaker skills in the Paladin's arsenal, but this is irrelevant in the later levels when you are killing almost everything in one hit.


Strength: Allocate enough points to wear equipment.

Dexterity: It is often suggested to put enough points for a 75% block chance.

Vitality: Vitality is an important stat, all extra points should be allocated here, but it's a question of play style.

Energy: This should be left at base.


Whether it's wise to max Smite in this build is a subject of discussion. Some proponents of this build recommend to max it, some say 1 point is enough and you should max it at last (if at all). If adding one point to Smite, a player could diversify into another skill.

Stock SmiterEdit

Build the following skills to level 20:

  1. Smite
  2. Holy Shield (Holy Shield not optional because it adds a lot of damage to your Smite attack)
  3. Fanaticism
  4. Defiance (defiance is optional, as it only adds defence rather than smite damage)
  5. The fifth is up to you. One addition would be to invest in Vengeance to handle physical immune monsters.

One Point SmiterEdit

Build the following skills to level 20:

1. Holy Shield
2. Fanaticism

Points used: 47

Remaining: 63

No other skill is required for a smiter as 1 point is put in smite for holy shield. As such you'll have enough points to merge this with another build.

Some options are:

1. Max Vengeance and put points in Resist Auras (fire, cold and lightning) to deal with physical immunes. Resist Fire, Cold and Lightning all have the benefit of adding to maximum resistances.

2. Max Vigor, Blessed Aim, and Blessed Hammer to have a viable hammerdin, with a 1 point Concentration. This would require Heart of the Oak available in your inventory to cast hammer.

3. Max Zeal and Sacrifice, though this would make you a Zealot rather than a Smiter.

4. Max FoH and Conviction.

5. Max Holy Shock, Resist Lightning, and either Salvation or Vengeance for lightning smite damage.


You may want to either wear a Raven Frost Ring or put a Cham Rune into your Crown of Ages to prevent freezing.

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