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The Snake Tribe is one of the Seven Barbarian Tribes that reside along the Slopes of Mount Arreat. They are only mentioned in the manual description of Spear Mastery.


They do not look like the average Barbarian Warrior. They are lithe and pale and are known more for their snake-like battle chants.

They have an affinity for Spears and other such long weapons. As such they attack slowly but inflict heavy damage if they manage to land a hit. Their philosophy goes as "All foes will be defeated in time." They may be closely related to the Crane Tribe who specializes in Polearms.


"The Warriors of the Snake Tribe favour the spear as their weapon of choice. They are known for their cold eyes and their sibilant battle chants. Only seasoned warriors may apply to the spear and the techniques of the Snake - a patient teacher that reminds us that all foes can be defeated in time. These are the lessons learned from the many dangerous Pit Vipers who breed among the steppes of Mount Arreat."

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