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"El" (The)making the name sound more "unique"; and "Líder" (Leader) instead of head due to them being synonyms on English.

Diablo II was translated to many languages, Spanish among them. Although the Spanish version is a great version, the translation had many problems.


There are several problems with the translation. Some known issues are:


  • Sometimes, the characters' and NPCs' phrases and speeches are notably different from the original (English) version.
  • A few words appear in English (although this may be intentional).
  • Anya says "Tyreal" instead of "Tyrael" in one of her speeches (but this is likely a simple typo).

Items, creatures, etc.Edit

  • Wolf Head, and every other item with "head" as the part of the name (especially necromancer-only and druid-only items), had "head" mistranslated to "Líder" (Leader). While this may seem intentional, when compared to the English version, it makes no sense (i.e. "Wolf Head" to "Wolf Leader").
  • In all monsters from Act V, and class-specific items, the word "El" ("The") is added before the name, making it appear to be a title rather than the monster name.
  • Two spear-type weapons have the same name, "Lanza" ("Spear"), but different stats and appearances.
  • The druid skill Twister and the barbarian skill Whirlwind have the same name, "Torbellino" ("Whirlwind").
  • The Worldstone has been translated as "El mundo de piedra" rather than "La piedra del mundo" ("The Stone World" rather than "The Worldstone") and "almas de piedra" instead of "piedras del alma" ("Stone Souls" instead of "Soulstones").
  • Large and Grand charms have the same name.
  • Some Super unique monsters have long and silly names, like Pitspawn Fouldog which is called "Perro fétido de la larva del foso" which isn't totally acurrate, but could be upgraded without the use of articles, as it actually means "Foul dog from the larvae of the pit".


  • The voice acting is good and effective.
  • Other than as noted above, item prefixes and suffixes are correctly and wisely translated.

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