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Spear Mastery

Class: Barbarian (Diablo II)
Required Level: 6
Skill Tree: Combat Masteries

Increased damage and Attack Rating when using spears.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Requires Spears; Also grants Critical Strike chance

Spear Mastery is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo II.


Warriors of the Snake Tribe, who favor the spear and are known for their cold eyes and sibilant battle chants. Only seasoned warriors may apply to the spear the techniques of the Snake-a patient teacher that reminds us that all foes can be defeated in time. These are lessons learned from the many dangerous pit vipers that breed among the steppes surrounding Mount Arreat.

General InformationEdit

Spear Mastery is one of the Barbarian weapon mastery skills, passively improving the Barbarian's fighting skills when wielding a spear. As with other weapon Masteries, it applies to all forms of spears (even thrown ones if those are used in close combat), but not to polearms. Thrown spears benefit from Throwing Mastery instead.

While spears are slow and cannot be dual-wielded, they are a good choice for Whirlwind Barb builds due to their great reach.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Level 1234567891011
Damage Bonus 28% 33% 38% 43%48% 53% 58% 63% 68% 73% 78%
Attack Bonus 30% 38% 46% 54% 62% 70% 78% 86% 94% 102% 110%
Critical Strike Chance 3% 6% 9% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 17%
Level 12131415161718192025
Damage Bonus 83% 88% 93% 98% 103% 108% 113% 118% 123% 158%
Attack Bonus 118% 126% 134% 142% 150% 158% 166% 174% 182% 222%
Critical Strike Chance 18% 18% 19% 19% 20% 20% 20% 20% 21% 21%

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