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Spider Cavern
Act Act III
Quests Khalim's Will
Levels 1
Monsters Giant Lamprey, Poison Spinner, Flame Spider, Fiend
Adjacent Zones Spider Forest
Area Level Normal 21
Area Level Nightmare 50
Area Level Hell 79
Waypoint No

The Spider Cavern is a dungeon in Spider Forest, found in Act III. Players need to explore the Cavern in order to obtain Khalim's Eye, which can be found in a gold chest guarded by the super unique monster Sszark the Burning.

As it's name implies, the Spider Cavern is infested with both Poison Spinners and Flame Spiders. As the Cavern is very similar to the other spider-ridden dungeon found in the Spider Forest, the Arachnid Lair, many players find themselves searching the wrong dungeon for Khalim's Eye.

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