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Squirt the Peddler
Squirt the Peddler is a vendor in Act II.

Squirt the Peddler is a vendor in Act II. Most notably, she sells Wirt's Bell. The best way to get to her, if you are already passed that point, is to reset your quest to the second quest in Act II; The Road to Alcarnus. Then from Hidden Camp go to Caldeum Bazaar and she is standing near the fountain next to a cart.

After Patch 1.0.4, Squirt had heard that many people bought potions at the hidden camp, so she moved up there. She stands next to the fence near the entrance to the Caldeum Bazaar.

As of patch 1.0.6, Squirt the Peddler has also been found just NE of the waypoint in the hidden camp.


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Wirt's Bell map
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Squirt's name rhymes with Wirt, who performed a similar role to her in the first game.

Squirt's family is originally from Tristram.

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