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Squirt the Peddler

Squirt the Peddler is a vendor in Act II.

Squirt the Peddler is a vendor in Act II of Diablo III. Most notably, she sells Wirt's Bell, as well as some high-level recipes, including those for Hellfire Rings and Hellfire Amulets. As of patch 2.3, she also sells gem essences for Kanai's Cube gem transmutations.

Originally she was standing near the fountain next to a cart on Caldeum Bazaar. After Patch 1.0.4, Squirt had heard that many people bought potions at the Hidden Camp, so she moved up there. As of patch 1.0.6, Squirt the Peddler has also been found just NE of the waypoint in the hidden camp, and is the best vendor to sell all the trash acquired in Act II to.


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Wirt's Bell map

Original location

  • Squirt's name rhymes with Wirt, who performed a similar role to her in the first game. Squirt's family is originally from Tristram too.
  • There is an amulet in game named after her (or, perhaps, once hers).
  • Squirt's threats to hurt anyone who tries to steal from her have become a sort of a joke among players.
  • Squirt appears in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor as a wandering pet trainer in the player's garrison once the Pet Menagerie is unlocked. Her team consists of Tyri (Mini-Tyrael), Deebs Lord of Terror (Mini-Diablo), and Puzzle (treasure goblin).
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