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The Staff of Herding is a craftable staff in Diablo III. It is a key item in gaining access to Whimsyshire.

It has an Item Level of 1, and requires character level 1 to be used.


Staff of Herding

Staff of Herding

  • 3.5 Damage Per Second
3–4 Damage
1.00 Attacks per Second

"Only one bovine in all of Sanctuary could possibly have a use for this."


The Staff of Herding can be crafted using the Plan: Staff of Herding, 50,000 gold, Wirt's Bell, Liquid Rainbow, Gibbering Gemstone, Leoric's Shinbone, and Black Mushroom. On console versions, Leoric's Shinbone and the Liquid Rainbow are not required for crafting the staff. The plans for this staff drop randomly from Izual or Diablo in any difficulty mode.

Crafted Staves
Staff of HerdingMaster War StaffThe MagiExalted Mythical StaffExalted Fine Mythical StaffExalted Grand Mythical Staff
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