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Standoff is a legendary polearm in Diablo III. It requires character level 29 to drop.

As of patch 2.4, it gained a unique affix that boosts Furious Charge damage based on the Barbarian's current movement speed. Damage bonus is calculated as 2-2.5 x bonus movement speed, i.e., for example, a Barbarian with a total speed of 125% will deal 2-2.5 x 25% = 50-62.5% more damage to enemies with the Charge.

The Charge's own speed bonus is not included, but the damage buff is multiplicative. For maximum effect, Sprint can be taken, its 40% speed bonus (with Marathon rune) giving 80-100% extra damage to Furious Charge.

Stats (Level 29)Edit


Legendary Polearm


  • 163.4–172.9 Damage Per Second
    • (156–164)–(188–200) Damage
    • 0.95 Attacks per Second
  • Furious Charge deals increased damage equal to 200–250% of bonus movement speed.
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies):
  • +(39–47)–(47–59) Cold Damage
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

With this, one warrior can hold back an army.

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