Stash or Private Stash is a personal storage chest that first appeared in Diablo II and Diablo III. Its main purpose is to store items for players, if player does not want to carry those around with them.

In Diablo I, stash did not exist, but players often dropped items on the ground to store them between fights (as dropped items persisted between games). In some mods, Gillian would store items instead.

Diablo IIEdit


The storage space is slightly larger (48 slots) than a character's inventory (40 slots). The Stash appears near the starting location in the town of each Act.

Items and gold can be moved freely from the inventory to the Stash, or vice-versa. Anything stored in the Stash is saved when exiting the game (while items left on the ground will disappear after a few minutes or when logging out). Items in the Stash will persist across Acts and games. A player cannot look inside or access another player's Stash for any reason.

The gold capacity of the Stash was once determined by the level of your character, but as of Patch 1.13c, gold capacity is capped at 2,500,000 regardless of character level.

The stash is not lost when a player dies in Hardcore Mode.

Diablo IIIEdit

The storage space is greatly expanded in Diablo III, now having multiple tabs, each of which can have up to 70 slots. Players with Diablo III and no expansions can have a total of 3 tabs, whereas players who own the Reaper of Souls (RoS) expansion can have up to 4 tabs. Patch 2.1 expanded the maximum number of tabs for RoS players to 5, and patch 2.4 added another one to a total of 6. Additional 2 tabs are added for purchasing the Rise of the Necromancer pack.

The player starts the game with only 14 stash slots available, with more being purchasable. Each purchase will add 14 more slots until the tab is full. Buying the next tab will only add 14 slots to that tab, and the process repeats until the maximum number of tabs has been reached. Each new tab costs more gold than the previous one (200,000 for the second one, 300,000 for the third, 400,000 for the fourth and the fifth, and 500,000 for the sixth).


BlizzCon 2015 presentation showing expandable Stash tabs

One additional Stash tab per Season (up to 4) is available to unlock by completing Seasonal objectives in Season Journeys (typically beating Chapter VIII). Players can unlock up to 4 tabs by participating in four different Seasons, regardless of which exact Season numbers they choose.

Since carried gold no longer drops when a player dies, there is no option to store gold (or any other currency) in the stash.

Stash is shared among all characters of the same type, that is, Softcore / Hardcore and Seasonal / Normal characters will all have separate stashes, to a total of four per account.

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