Statue Vitriolic Missile

Assassin evading Vitriolic Missile

Statues of Forgotten Kings are monolithic stones carved to resemble forgotten kings that once ruled over the lost cities of Kehjistan. Now only grayish stone heads remain to harness the mythical athmosphere which still exists in the village of the scions of the old kings.

When Diablo corrupted the junglelands of Kehjistan the villagers turned to automatons and fierce and constructed weapons and traps to try to abolish every living thing. They booby-trapped the statues of their kings to shoot two kinds of projectiles:

  1. Vitriolic Missiles. Most of the statues statues are fully poisoned and lethal for an unprotected human to walk by. Thankfully, villagers' vitriolic substance weakens over time so the acidic effect is quite mild but the poison released from the missile is more dangerous once the bomb is released. These traps are triggered always by walking by a statue. The missile itself is slow and leaves a poisonous cloud once released.
  2. Spike balls. These projectiles are sphere-shaped and spiked like a morningstar's headpiece. The damage they deliver is usually not severe because of the low shooting speed of the balls.

One statue is always armed with only one of the mentioned projectile types.Statues of Forgotten Kings are to be found in the depths of the Kehjistan jungle usually near villagers' huts and sacrificial places.

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