For other shields with the same name, see Stormshield.

The Stormshield is widely regarded as the only useful Unique Shield in Diablo I, and it is a popular item for any class that uses a shield.

Stormshield suffers from its damage taken penalty, which does make stunlocking by enemies easier. To fight this penalty off, it has the highest base Armor Class of all shields, a Faster Block Rate and a bonus to Strength which are nice and to top it all off, it's Indestructible which is terminating the gold cost it would else be needed to get it back in top shape. Because there are no Rare quality items in Diablo I, the only good magical shields able to compete with it often have the prefix Holy/Godly.

This unique shield may drop as both a Tower Shield and Gothic Shield with the very same stats. This means that there are in effect two different Stormshields that can drop which makes the shield drop about twice as often as it would otherwise, and for that reason it is one of the most common high level uniques. Both types use the same Gothic Shield image. As a Gothic Shield, the Strength Requirement augments to 80.



Tower Shield

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