For other shields with the same name, see Stormshield.

The Stormshield is a legendary shield in Diablo III. It requires character level 60 to drop.

This shield, along with the String of Ears belt, offers the highest plain melee damage reduction in game: up to 51% at level 70, surpassed only by Ice Armor with Halo of Arlyse.

Stats (Level 60)Edit


Legendary Shield

  • 1060-1259 Armor


  • +19.0–24.0% Chance to Block
  • (2443–3053)–(2931–4274) Block Amount
  • Reduces damage from melee attacks by 25.0–30.0%
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies):
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

Ashusk had never seen metal like this before. It seemed to be charged with the power of the thundering sky, repelling all attacks against it.

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