Stormtree is an Animal, a Thrasher, and a Super Unique in Diablo II.

Stormtree is found at the very end of the Flayer Jungle, where the level narrows to a bottleneck just as it enters the ancient stone gate into Lower Kurast. He is not connected to any quests, and need not be killed to advance through the act.

Stormtree and his pack of minions are fast, they hit hard, and they can become very dangerous when they land a few hits and charge up their Frenzy attack. It's risky to take them on in the open where they can surround you, so most players try to lure them out one or two at a time, or else lead them back to one of the nearby bridges over the river into the Flayer Jungle, which only one or two of the large Thrashers can cross at a time.


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