Affixes and their meaningsEdit

A magic weapon generates with one or more magic properties. Each property has an associated prefix or suffix. Weapons with more than one property will always display both a prefix and suffix, but these may not describe all of their properties.

Each property gives a bonus to an attribute or value, determined by the affix. The bonus will be a randomly selected number within a specific number range. There are several tiers of affixes associated with certain properties, for example, Adventuring grants +1-8 bonus experience per monster kill, while Clever grants +9-16. Notice that the effect stays the same, but the range of values changes as it goes from one tier to the next.



Name Effect Items
the Bear +(1-44) Vitality Belt, Boots, Helm, Pants, Shield, Weapon
Fortitude +(30) Vitality Bracers
the Lion +(1-23) Strength Belt, Gloves, Ring, Shoulders, Weapon
War ?
Invasion +(34-51) Strength Body Armor, Shield
the Hawk +(1-45) Dexterity Body Armor, Boots, Pants, Weapon
Focus +(1-35) Intelligence Body Armor, Gloves, Shoulders, Weapon


Name Effect Items
the Angels +(2-4) Holy Damage Weapon
the Snake +(1-2)-(2-3) Poison Damage Weapon
Winter +(1-2)-(2-4) Cold Damage Weapon
Frost ?
Ice (1.0)% Chance to Freeze on Hit Weapon
Flame +(1-2)-(2-4) Fire Damage Weapon
the Eel +(1-2)-(2-5) Lightning Damage Weapon
Shocking ?
Starlight +(1-2)-(2-3) Arcane Damage Weapon
Wounding +(1-2) Minimum Damage
+(1-2) Maximum Damage
Ring, Weapon
the Leech Each hit adds +(1-13) Life Weapon
Slaughter +(8-27) Life after each kill Amulet, Weapon
Striking (1.1)% Chance to Stun on Hit Weapon


Name Effect Items
Thorns Melee attackers take (1-4) damage per hit. Body Armor, Shield, Wizard Hat
the Tortoise +(1-2)% Chance to Block Shield
Deflection +(3)% Chance to Block Shield

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