The Suicide Minions are among the most annoying monsters in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. They can be described literally as walking time bombs.


Baal's Minions carry all of the Hatred and Anguish of their master's loss of his brothers. If provoked by powerful leadership like an Overseer, who can channel all of their rage onto a single purpose, Baal's Minions will become warped and transform into Suicide Minions.

Their thick hide will swell and their bodies will become filled with mindless and blind rage towards their enemies. They do not even possess control over locomotion and will limp towards their foe. They will then, finally explode in the face of their foe causing massive damage and often killing their target.

In GameEdit

The Suicide Minions can be found loitering around with their more controllable brethren. They can also be created by Overseers by inducing Minion Frenzy on Baal's Minions. They can also be encountered without an Overseer in the Worldstone Keep.

Suicide Minions are not tough to defeat, often being killed in a single blow. They are easy pickings for ranged characters. But their real strength and probably their claim to fame is their highly dangerous Kamikaze-like Blast. This blast can seriously damage a player, especially given that it can knock the player back and cause a stun effect.

They can be avoided however, they do not damage Minions and Hirelings and can be easily killed by them. There is also a more risky way to get rid of them. When a Suicide Minion spots you, run away and stand still until it is very near you but not within its blast range. Then quickly run away. This causes the Suicide Minion to stop where you were and blast right there. But this method runs the risk of inviting more monsters on your chase which can be quite frustrating.

Blizzard made it so that if the player kills the Suicide Minion before it blows up, it gives a massive amount of experience. This provides an interesting game mechanic forcing the player to think before engaging these loathsome beasts. Whether the player tries to kill them to reap the experience bonus or gets blown up along with the Suicide Minion is entirely the player's choice. You will know if you killed it when you do not suffer the knockback that occurs if it blows up by itself.

A good tactic for obtaining the experience that a Suicide Minion offers involves the Barbarian's War Cry. Simply use the skill as the Minion gets closer, and then kill it while it waits out its Stun time. If the player allows War Cry to reach the appropriate skill level, the Stun duration will be long enough for you to use your preferred attack enough to kill the Minion before it explodes.

Note: You do not get experience from a Suicide Minion if it blows up on its own.