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Mongrel The Summon Zombie Dog ability (also called Mongrels), enables the Witch Doctor to summon 3 zombie dogs (4 with Zombie Handler passive ability), which attack the target like the Diablo II Druid's wolves. It has been revealed that this is one of the weakest of the Witch Doctor's summoning skills, but still very versatile even for late-game use. Using the passive skills Zombie Handler (gain 1 more Zombie Dog, and the dogs and Gargantuan get +20% health), Midnight Feast (gain 1 more Zombie Dog, dogs and Gargantuan deal +50% damage) and Jungle Fortitude (reduces damage taken by you and your pets by 15%), along with Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan can be a common "Zombie Handler" build with access to Reaper of Souls. It should be noted that with the Zombie Handler passive, a Zombie Dog can have roughly 1/6th of the summoner's total Life.

While they are still alive, the Witch Doctor can detonate the zombie dogs using the Sacrifice skill, almost reminiscent of the popular Diablo II, Necromancer spell, Corpse Explosion, dealing substantial damage to nearby targets, almost wiping entire groups of enemies in a single blast.


Originally, Zombie dogs could be enchanted with poison or fire bonus damage, if the Witch Doctor used his attack skills, Locust Swarm and Skull of Flame respectively on them. Enchanting them would not harm the dogs, but grant them the appropriate elemental power. However, Bashiok revealed in later posts that this effect was removed, although it may be replaced with a similar rune.

Skill EffectsEdit

{{{icon}}} Summon Zombie Dogs

Summon a small group of Zombie Dogs from the depths to fight at your side. Each hit that a Zombie Dog lands deals damage equal to
of your weapon damage, Physical attribute.

The effects bestowed by the runes are:

  • Rabid Dogs
    : Each hit a Zombie Dog lands afflicts the unfortunate entity with a DoT inflicting
    weapon damage as Poison per second, for
  • Final Gift
    : There is a
    chance to spawn a Health Globe for a Zombie Dog's death.
  • Life Link
    : Your Zombie Dogs link their life essence to yours, offering you
    damage reduction, at a cost of damaging their Life equal to the damage you shrug off.
  • Burning Dogs
    : Summoned Zombie Dogs inflict Fire damage on nearby enemies equal to
    of your weapon damage per second.
  • Leeching Beasts
    : Each hit a Zombie Dog lands heals the Witch Doctor for
    of his/her Life on Hit.


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