Sunwuko's Crown is a Helm piece of the Monkey King's Garb set in Diablo III.

It only drops at character level 70, and only at Torment difficulty.

Stats (Level 70)Edit


Sunwuko's Crown
Set Helm

  • 660-759 Armor


Set Bonuses:

  • Damage taken is reduced by 50% while Sweeping Wind is active (2 pieces)
  • Sweeping Wind spawns a decoy every tick next to the last enemy the Monk hit. The decoy taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 1000% damage for each stack of Sweeping Wind currently active within 10 yards (4 pieces)
  • Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light consume a stack of Sweeping Wind to deal 3000% increased damage (6 pieces)
Trained by the famed monks of Ivgorod, the great Sunwuko was without equal in the art of staff fighting. After returning to his homeland of Xiansai, his frenzied fighting style earned him the title "Monkey King." This name was originally intended as a joke, but it soon became one to be feared.

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