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Super-unique Monsters are a type of unique monster. The main difference between them is that the names and location of Unique Monsters are always random while Super Uniques have a fixed name and spawn in the same location in every game.


Super Unique monsters are somewhat harder to kill than normal uniques. Some of their base monster types are unique; some show up as normal enemies in areas later than those where the super unique is encountered, like Bonebreaker in Act 1 resembling a Burning Dead from Act 2.

All the Act Bosses are Super-uniques. Some Super-uniques are associated with quests, though most are not required to be killed to complete the quest (excluding Act Bosses).

Due to their nature, some Super Unique monsters will have complete immunity against certain spells and skills. In addition, all Freeze effects are demoted to Cold effects and all Stun and Cold effects have their durations cut in half when used against Super Uniques.

Diablo II Super-uniquesEdit

This is a list of all the Super-unique Monsters present in Diablo II. They are listed by act, in the order in which they are/can be encountered.

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

Act IVEdit

Act VEdit

*base monsters are unique.

Super-uniques, except Act Bosses, have 1-3 special attributes that are fixed. In Nightmare and Hell Difficulty, they get 1 and 2 bonus random attributes respectively as well.

It can be a very easy fight against super-uniques by knowing their fixed attributes beforehand, and preparing for them.

Diablo IIIEdit

Even though Super Unique type does not make an official return in Diablo III, as well as its expansion, many players use the Super Unique term to describe Unique monsters that will spawn in every game, no matter the player's luck with the game's randomization factor, including Bosses.

These monsters are usually vital to the storyline and must be defeated to advance further in game. However, some of them can be skipped, if for whatever reason players do not want to fight them. Note that in Adventure Mode some of guaranteed spawn monsters will appear at different locations or even not appear at all, even though they always spawn in Campaign Mode.

Guaranteed spawn monsters in Diablo III, in order of appearance:

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

Act IVEdit

Note: in Campaign, all Aspects spawn in a disguised form, therefore players need to speak to them in order to reveal the demons' true visages.

Act VEdit

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