For the Diablo III enemy type, see Swarm (Diablo III).

Swarms can be found deep within the deserts of Aranoch. Swarms usually congregate in large packs of separate swarms. Though they are annoying, they should not be difficult to defeat. Their most notable feature is that on every attack, they drain a portion of the character's Stamina in addition to damage.

Several types include Itchies, Black Locusts, Plague Bugs, and Hell Swarms.


The extreme temperatures of Aranoch drive many creatures into varying degrees of insanity. This holds true even for mindless insects. Coupled with demonic influence, large numbers of crazed insects often swirl and twist into tight swarms. These swarms of stinging, biting, and sucking insects consume every living thing in their path. Swarming bugs are difficult to target and are resistant to most attacks. Swift to anger, they are not easily chased off. Their stinging attacks often drain stamina, making it all the more difficult to retreat from combat.