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"One-handed swords are sharp blades held by their hilts. They’re truly versatile weapons, used effectively for slashing, thrusting or hacking at exposed, sensitive flesh."

- Game Guide(src)

A Sword is a type of sharp-edged weapon seen throughout the Diablo series of games. Swords come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. In Diablo I and Diablo II, both one-handed and two-handed swords are classified as single weapon type, but in Diablo III a separate type of Two-Handed Swords exists.

Generally, Swords are balanced for faster Attack Speed than Maces and Axes.

Diablo IEdit

In Diablo I, Swords are mostly used by Warrior, Barbarian and Bard. They deal bonus damage to Animal enemies, but are less effective against the Undead. Daggers are considered a subtype of Swords in this game.

The two-handed swords prevent heroes from carrying a Shield, but are animated as one-handed still. Barbarian may wield those in one hand however.

Diablo I Swords
DaggerShort SwordSabreScimitarBladeFalchionLong SwordClaymoreBroad SwordBastard SwordTwo-Handed SwordGreat Sword
Diablo I Unique Swords
Diablo I Unique Swords — Black Razor (Dagger) • Gonnagal's Dirk (Dagger) • Wizardspike (Dagger) • The Defender (Sabre) • Lightsabre (Sabre) • The Falcon's Talon (Scimitar) • The Executioner's Blade (Falchion) • Gryphon's Claw (Falchion) • Ice Shank (Long Sword) • Inferno (Long Sword) • Bonesaw (Claymore) • Griswold's Edge (Broad Sword) • Gibbous Moon (Broad Sword) • Shadowhawk (Broad Sword) • Doombringer (Bastard Sword) • The Grizzly (Two-Handed Sword) • The Grandfather (Great Sword)
Hellfire Unique Swords — Diamondedge (Long Sword) • Eater of Souls (Two-Handed Sword) • Shirotachi (Great Sword)

Diablo IIEdit

In Diablo II, many Swords have two profiles: they can be wielded in one hand by the Barbarian. Other swords are always one-handed. Swords from Diablo II do not have any special damaging effects against either type of enemies however, and are separate from Daggers.

Diablo II Swords
Normal SwordsShort SwordScimitarSabreFalchionCrystal SwordBroad SwordLong SwordWar SwordTwo-Handed SwordClaymoreGiant SwordBastard SwordFlambergeGreat Sword

Exceptional SwordsGladiusCutlassShamshirTulwarDimensional BladeBattle SwordRune SwordAncient SwordEspandonDacian FalxTusk SwordGothic SwordZweihanderExecutioner Sword

Elite SwordsFalcataAtaghanElegant BladeHydra EdgePhase BladeConquest SwordCryptic SwordMythical SwordLegend SwordHighland BladeBalrog BladeChampion SwordColossus SwordColossus Blade
Diablo II Unique Swords
Normal Swords — Rixot's Keen (Short Sword) • Blood Crescent (Sabre) • Skewer of Krintiz (Sabre) • Gleamscythe (Falchion) • Griswold's Edge (Broad Sword) • Hellplague (Long Sword) • Culwen's Point (War Sword) • Shadowfang (Two-Handed Sword) • Soulflay (Claymore) • Kinemil's Awl (Giant Sword) • Blacktongue (Bastard Sword) • Ripsaw (Flamberge) • The Patriarch (Great Sword)
Exceptional Swords — Bloodletter (Gladius) • Coldsteel Eye (Cutlass) • Hexfire (Shamshir) • Blade of Ali Baba (Tulwar) • Ginther's Rift - (Dimensional Blade) • Headstriker (Battle Sword) • Plague Bearer (Rune Sword) • The Atlantean (Ancient Sword)• Crainte Vomir (Espandon) • Bing Sz Wang (Dacian Falx) • The Vile Husk (Tusk Sword) • Cloudcrack (Gothic Sword) • Todesfaelle Flamme (Zweihander) • Swordguard (Executioner Sword)
Elite Swords — Djinn Slayer (Ataghan) • Bloodmoon (Elegant Blade) • Lightsabre (Phase Blade) • Azurewrath (Phase Blade) • Frostwind (Cryptic Sword) • Flamebellow (Balrog Blade) • Doombringer (Champion Sword) • The Grandfather (Colossus Blade)

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III, Swords are faster than Maces and Axes, but the average damage per second of all three types is roughly the same. All three weapon types are free to be transmogrified into each other.

Mighty Weapons also exist in sword variants.

Normal Swords
Short SwordSabreBroadswordLongswordFalchionScimitarWar SwordBastard SwordGladiusCutlassBattle SwordKnight SwordDaoShamshirRaid SwordAncient SwordSpathaPirate SwordStrong SwordKing BladeTulwarSaifConquest SwordRune SwordChampion SwordTsunami Blade
Legendary Swords
Monster HunterWildwoodDoombringerThe Ancient Bonesaber of ZumakalisSpectrumExarianFulminatorGift of SilariaRimeheartThunderfury, Blessed Blade of the WindseekerSeverSkycutterAzurewrathDevil TongueGriswold's MasterpieceShard of HateGriswold's PerfectionIn-Geom
Crafted Swords
Apprentice BroadswordBorn's Searing SpiteMaster Bastard SwordIllustrious Raid SwordResplendent Strong SwordGriswold's MasterpieceExalted Conquest SwordExalted Fine Conquest SwordExalted Grand Conquest SwordSovereign Tsunami BladeGriswold's PerfectionBorn's Furious Wrath

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