Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest is a set death mask in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It is one of the five pieces of the Tal Rasha's Wrappings item set.

Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest is designed as part of a sorceress set, but in spite of this, the dual leech and resistance bonus makes it useful in physical builds such as the Bowazon and Barbarian as well as hirelings. Furthermore, although it has a requirement of Level 66, it can drop as soon as early Nightmare.


Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Death Mask

Defense: 99-131 (varies)
(Base Defense: 54-86)
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 55
Durability: 20

10% Life Stolen Per Hit
10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +15
+45 Defense
+30 To Mana
+60 To Life

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