Whimsydale Buff?Edit

They've massively buffed/increased the droprates on things inside the Rainbow Goblin-only Whimsydale.. I've been in here 4 times today, and each time I've come out with no less than 8 legendaries, and one time I came away with 15. Every single happy cloud drops marquise/imperial gems, or gold. The Mushrooms drop Death's Breaths and Forgotten Souls, usually 4 of each of them per Mushroom. The Presents are the best haul: they drop a metric ton of blue and yellow gear, and usually one legendary each time.

It might also be a season-only buff, as I haven't been lucky enough to get a Rainbow goblin on my non-seasonal chars.. but this version of the original Whimsyshire has absolutely had its rewards increased from the last time I was in there a few seasons ago. The base Whimsyshire still has horrible rewards, but the new one is amazing. Hezkezl (talk) 03:09, April 11, 2017 (UTC)

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