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Tancred's Battlegear

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Tancred's Battlegear is an item set in Diablo II.

Tancred's set is mostly unremarkable. However, its amulet gains an enormous +78% to Magic find with partial set bonuses, making the partial set an excellent tool for magic item finders - particularly in the early game, thanks to the very low requirement.


Tancred's Battlegear

Partial Set BonusEdit

+15 Lightning Damage (2 Items)
+5% Life Stolen Per Hit (3 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+15 Lightning Damage
+5% Life Stolen Per Hit
Slows Targets by 35%
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +10
75% Extra Gold From Monsters

Tancred's Battlegear

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