Tancred's Weird is a set amulet in Diablo II. It is one of the five pieces of the Tancred's Battlegear item set.

While its base stats are very poor, when equipped with another item from the set, Tancred's Weird has 78% magic find, which is by far the highest amount of magic find obtainable on an amulet. This is still outclassed by the best possible amulet for magic find and a good magic find substitute for whatever piece of Tancred's set that would be replaced, but Tancred's Weird is still potentially an excellent piece of magic find gear.


Tancred's Weird

Required Level: 20

Damage Reduced by 2
Magic Damage Reduced by 1

+78% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (2 Set Items)
+60 To Attack Rating (3 Set Items)

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