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Allows the player to instantly move to another location on a mouse click within screen range. It ignores all possible obstacles : walls, doors. This spell is useful for the warrior to move close to a witch or mage and kill them (tele-kill). It is recommended to bring the spell to as high a level as you possibly can- as one becomes more skilled in the ways of Teleportation, they find that they need smaller reserves of magical power to perform the desired movement. Teleport costs 35 Mana at lv. 1, and every level increased lowers the cost by 3, to the minimum cost of 15 at lv. 8. It should be warned, however, that Warriors and Rogues will need aid from Enchanted Shrines if they ever hope to reach those higher levels: it is impossible to legitimately access above lv. 4 Teleport without those shrines for them. This is better seen in the original game; the Hellfire expansion enabled 4 Unique rings that each specialized in +60 to one stat, at the cost of -30 to another stat.


  • Book - spell level +1
  • Scroll
  • Staff - a unique staff (Naj's Puzzler) contains teleport charges
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