Templar Relics are charm-like special items, specific to the Diablo III follower Templar class. These relics boost Kormac the Templar's abilities and attributes. The Templar Relic cannot be equipped to a player or other follower classes. These relics are the Order's sacred items: ritual chalices, shards of holy blades, sanctified texts and holy water vials.

Templar Relics can roll up to 6 affixes that can normally be rolled on an amulet (except sockets, critical hit chance, Life %, class-specific affixes or player-only characteristics bonuses). As of patch 2.0, Magic Find cannot roll on the follower items. There are no special affixes exclusive to Templar, except for legendary guaranteed effects (see below).

Rare quality relics can be crafted by the Blacksmith.

There are three Legendary relics Kormac can use, all of them drop at level 61 or later:

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