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The Butcher's Cleaver is a Unique Cleaver dropped by The Butcher upon his defeat in Diablo I.

This axe-like weapon whose damage resembles that of the Battle Axe though its Unusual Item Damage modifier cuts the damage down from 10-25 can be obtained only in Single Player. It can do huge damage, especially for an item found on the second level of the Dungeon, and many times has a Warrior enjoyed axing his way through the next few levels, until the lack of a Shield becomes too painful and one-handed weapon damage begins to catch up with this Axe. The base item for this Unique is one-of-a-kind, meaning that this is the only cleaver in the first game.

The Diablo II variation of this cleaver is called Butcher's Pupil, an exceptional Unique Cleaver.



The Butcher's Cleaver

  • Damage: 4-24
  • +10 to Strength
  • Altered Durability
  • Unusual Item Damage
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: 10
  • Quality level: N/A
  • Availability: Single Player only

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