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The Cursed Bellows is an Event in Act III of Diablo III. It can be found in the Icefall Caves on Level 1, where the primary enemy is the Lacuni Huntress. The event, much like most other events, is randomized; it may not be seen in some games.


  1. Inspect the Cursed Shrine.
  2. Fight off each wave of enemies.
  3. Kill the remaining monsters.


  • Defeat all 5 waves within the time limit.


  • A healthful random Shrine, along with one Radiant Chest depending on whether or not you completed the bonus objective.


  • This event has been made available since patch 2.0.1, along with the rest of the Cursed events.
  • This event is part of the achievement Cursebreaker of Arreat.
  • It's possible for this event to be a bounty.

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