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The Cursed Mill is an Event in Act I of Diablo III. It can be found in the Fields of Misery, where the primary enemies are Dark Cultists. The event, much like most other events, is randomized; it may not be seen in some games.


  1. Inspect the Cursed Shrine.
  2. Defeat each wave of enemies.
  3. Kill the remaining enemies.


  • Defeat all 5 waves within each time limit.


  • A healthy random Shrine, along with one Radiant Chest depending on whether or not you completed the bonus objective.


  • This event has been made available since patch 2.0.1, along with the rest of the Cursed events.
  • This event is part of the achievement Cursebreaker of Tristram.
  • It's possible for this event to be a bounty.


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