Everything here is related to The Darkening of Tristram event, which is limited-time event in Diablo III. It only occurs in January of each year starting with 2017, paying homage to the release date of Diablo I.

Rewards for completing the dungeon include banner elements (for killing all 4 bosses: Dark Lord, Archbishop Lazarus, Skeleton King and The Butcher), as well as:

Pets Edit

  • The Butcher, obtained for clearing Anniversary Dungeon with a fresh character in one go.
  • Royal Calf, obtained through a semi-secret event line (see below).

Transmogrification weapons Edit

There are two, modeled after The Butcher's Cleaver and Wirt's Leg.

Portraits Edit

Two portraits are rewarded, angelic and demonic versions of Life and Mana orbs from the original game.

Cultist Pages Edit


A portrait for obtaining all Cultist Pages

Classic Angel — A timeless guardian of order gazes upon you.

Cultist Pages are tomes needed to obtain a Classic Angel portrait from The Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo III.

All 7 pages are dropped by Temporal Priests. Each waypoint zone contains exactly 1 priest, and each priest drops a single page. They usually spawn at the end of a zone.

Waypoint zones are:

See the relevant page for more details.

Unique Monsters Edit


A portrait for slaying all Unique monsters

Classic Demon — You are watched by a malevolent force from years past.

To obtain Classic Demon portrait, you must kill all of the Unique monsters inside the Labyrinth listed bellow:

(*) These monsters will always appear, in every game.

Each level is guaranteed to contain at least one unique monster and those already spawned do not prevent an additional monster from appearing. Statistically, it takes roughly 6-7 runs to collect all 40 of them.

Gallery Edit

Loot Edit

Besides other loot, that can be found within Anniversary dungeon, there is a guaranteed drop of these magic items.

Level 1 Edit


One of many arrangements of Level 1

"The sanctity of this place has been fouled." Ghastly Voice

Upon entering, ghastly voice of the hero from Diablo I can be heard as the music of Cathedral levels begins to play. Much like in the original game, player will soon find himself surrounded by various enemies.

Enemies in this dungeon bear strong resemblance to their Diablo I counterparts. Some of them do have their old abilities, and some do not. Those monsters, which do not have a direct equivalent in D3, use graphics of the closest possible match

Monsters Edit

Level 2 Edit

Lvl 2

One of many arrangements of Level 2

Second floor is where The Butcher can be found as well as the entrance to the Dark Passage.

It also introduces first two uniques which are mandatory for obtaining achievements Champion the Townsfolk and Protector of Tristram.

Loot Edit


Resplendent Chest inside the Dark Passage

Sub-zones Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 3 Edit


One of many arrangements of Level 3

Third level of the Cathedral.

Loot Edit


Layout of the King Leoric's Tomb

Sub-zones Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 4 Edit

Lvl 4

One of many arrangements of Level 4

Last cathedral floor. Three unique monsters, one of them with random chance to spawn, can be found within its nooks and crannies.

Loot Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 5 Edit

Lvl 5

One of many arrangements of Level 5

"The smell of death surrounds me."Ghastly Voice

Voice of the warrior from Diablo I can be heard for the second time as the music of Catacomb levels plays. Level 5 of Labyrint is the first level of Catacombs, which uses slightly reskinned assets of Ruins of Corvus.

Arkaine's Valor can be found in a special chamber upon placing all three Blood Stones on Pedestal of Blood.

Loot Edit


All three Blood Stones placed on Piedestal of Blood

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 6 Edit


One of many arrangements of Level 6

Second level of the Catacombs, in which an entrance to the Chamber of Bone can be found.

Sub-zones Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 7 Edit


One of many arrangements of Level 7

In this catacomb level lies entrance to the Halls of the Blind. To get there, player must read the Tome of the Blind.

Sub-zones Edit

Loot Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 8 Edit


One of possible arrangements of level 8

Eighth level is where Zhar the Mad can be found, studying the Musty Tome. This mimicks the quest of the same name from Diablo I, Zhar the Mad. Upon entering, mage drops a few golds to get you walking away. Walking back and interacting with his tome breaks his concetration and makes him mad, thus attacking you.

Monsters Edit


Zhar studying the Musty Tome

Uniques Edit

Level 9 Edit


One of possible arrangements of level 9

"It's hot down here."Ghastly Voice

First level of the caves. In the darkness of this level grows Black Mushroom, needed for completition of the Royal Calf quest. It's a homage to Black Mushroom quest from the first game.

Loot Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 10 Edit

LVL 10

One of possible arrangements of level 10

Second level of caves. Anvil of Fury, a tribute to the Anvil of Fury quest, can be found here. It drops crafting materials and Griswold's Edge upon clicking, and also spawns an ambush of enemies.


Anvil of Fury as seen in Diablo 3

Loot Edit

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 11 Edit

LVL 11

One of possible arrangements of level 11

Third level of caves harbors only two randomly spawned unique monsters.

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 12 Edit

LVL 12

One of possible arrangements of level 12

Last level of the caves. The only challenge that awaits the player are three randomly spawned unique monsters.

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 13 Edit

LVL 13

One of possible arrangements of level 13

"I must be getting close."Ghastly Voice

First Hell styled level, which uses graphic assets of the Halls of Agony.

To get through the level, player must read the Steel Tome in order to open doors to the chamber of Warlord of Blood, who guards the stairway to Level 14, mimicking same named quest from Diablo I.

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

Level 14 Edit

LVL 14

One of possible arrangements of level 14

Loot Edit

Monsters Edit


Corpse of Lachdanan, the righteous knight

Uniques Edit

Level 15 Edit

LVL 15

One of possible arrangements of level 15

Monsters Edit

Unique Edit

Unholy Altar Edit


Map of the Unholy Altar

Stylistic return to the Cathedral levels, features simple and unique layout.

Two Book of Lazarus are placed on both sides of the level, serving as a one-way portal to two chambers filled with monsters. Activating the second one always spawns Arch-Bishop Lazarus atop of transporting player to an obvious trap.

It is a shortened version of the Arch-Bishop Lazarus quest from the original game.

Killing Arch-Bishop Lazarus results in opening a Red portal to Level 16.


Clicking on it will teleport player into a chamber filled with monsters

Monsters Edit

Unique Edit

Level 16 Edit

LVL 16

Simple layout of Level 16, player stands where the Dark Lord awaits you

Final level of Hell and last level of the Anniversary Dungeon. Within it the boss of the game and his minions awaits the player.

Monsters Edit

Uniques Edit

  • Dark Lord
  • Sir Gorash

    The player needs to interact with these switches to open the doors one after another to finaly face the Lord of Terror

Gallery Edit

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