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This set can be particularly helpful for a caster in hell mode considering the many bonuses to defense, mana, and skills. Necromancers and Druids can find this particularly helpful if they don't like the class sets provided at this point in the game; (Trang-Oul's for example)

The Disciple

Partial Set BonusEdit

+150 Defense (2 Items)
+22 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds (3 Items)*
+10 To Strength (4 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+150 Defense
+22 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds*
+10 To Strength
+2 To All Skills
All Resistances +50
+100 Mana

* If you have any other sources of poison damage (including the damage on the Dark Adherent), the partial/complete set bonus will show some other, inaccurate value.

The Disciple
Telling of Beads (Amulet) • Laying of Hands (Bramble Mitts) • Rite of Passage (Demonhide Boots) • Dark Adherent (Dusk Shroud) • Credendum (Mithril Coil)
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