The Final Witness is a legendary crusader shield in Diablo III. It requires character level 31 to drop.

This shield makes Shield Glare radial: instead of hitting a broad cone, it becomes a 360 degree nova, effectively hitting all enemies within 30 yards.

Stats (Level 31)Edit


The Final Witness
Legendary Crusader Shield

  • 288-359 Armor


  • +10.0–20.0% Chance to Block
  • (236–295)–(283–413) Block Amount
  • +128–163 Strength
  • Shield Glare now hits all enemies around you
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

"Our eyes are everywhere—in the tallest mountains and the lowest valleys. We go everywhere, and we see everything. We learn from our masters, who walked the lands before us. Our enemies may think we journey alone, but they are mistaken." —Crusader proverb

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