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"I’ve read legends about a sage named Ku Y’leh, who studied the mysteries of life beyond death. If I remember correctly, his ashes were ensconced within a golden statuette." - Deckard Cain

The Golden Bird is the first quest of Act III. It isn't assigned by any NPC. Instead, it is initiated after the player kills the first random Unique Monster in the Spider Forest just outside the Kurast Docks. The Unique monster will drop a unique item, a Jade Figurine, that the player needs to take back to the Kurast Docks. The quest is completed upon talking to Alkor, where the player will receive a Potion of Life, which permanently boosts total health by twenty points. This quest is very short, and is mainly an introduction to the area, as well as a gateway to the next quests.

Completing this quest prompts Hratli to initiate the Blade of the Old Religion quest; it will also prompt Deckard Cain to initiate the Khalim's Will quest.


In the past, there was a sage named Ku Y'leh who studied the mysteries of life beyond death. Some rumors say he actually found some life-extending recipes. His ashes were said to have been stored within a statuette of a Golden Bird. His ashes might prove to a potent ingredient in special elixirs.

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