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For the weapons of the same name in other games, see The Grandfather (Diablo II) and The Grandfather (Diablo III).

The Grandfather is a Unique Great Sword from Diablo I that is found randomly. It deals very nice Damage, and gives a boost to All Attributes and Life. In addition to these abilities, The Grandfather is One-Handed, unlike other Great Swords.

Although the negligible to hit bonus makes the sword unsuitable for a non-rogue class on Hell difficulty, The Grandfather is still regarded by some players as the most powerful unique sword in Diablo I.



Great Sword

  • Damage: 10-20
  • +70% Damage
  • +5 All Attributes
  • 20% To Hit
  • +20 Life
  • One-Handed
  • Requirements: 75 Strength
  • Durability: 100
  • Quality Level: 27
  • Availability: Single-Player and Multiplayer

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