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The Iron Jang Bong is a unique War Staff designed for Sorceress use in Diablo II.

It does not focus on any particular Sorceress skill tree. Although it gives handy all-around bonuses, Sorceresses that focus on specific spells may find these bonuses lackluster.


Iron jang bong

The Iron Jang Bong
War Staff

Two-Hand Damage: 25 to 56
Required Level: 28
Durability: 50
Staff class - Very Slow Attack Speed
+100% Enhanced Damage
+50% Damage To Undead
50% bonus to Attack Rating
20% Faster Cast Rate
+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels
+3 To Frost Nova (Sorceress Only)
+2 To Blaze (Sorceress Only)
+2 To Nova (Sorceress Only)
+30 Defense


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • "Jang Bong" ("장봉" pronounced "jaahng-boeng") is Korean for "long staff".
  • This item is one of many having Asian-themed names, indicating an as yet unexplored Asian-themed civilization focusing on Archers, most probably concentrated in the region of Xiansai.

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