235px-The Matriarch's Bones

Matriarchs Bones

The Matriarch's Bones is an Event quest that can appear in one of the false Defiled Crypts located in the Cemetery of the Forsaken.

Total RewardsEdit

  • Experience
  • Gold
  • Bunch of rare and magical items

Quest StartEdit

GhostFemale Portrait
Grave robbers have defiled my tomb.

Now, my husband writhes in torment because I do not rest at his side. Return my bones so that we may rest in peace.


Search the Funerary Urns for the bones of Lady Dunhyld

  • Activate all three Funerary Urns located nearby (highlighted on the map)
  • Defeat Lord Dunhyld
  • Place Lady Dunhyld's bones into the Dunhylds' sarcophagus

As soon as you click the first Urn, Skeletons start spawning at every corner of the tomb, their spawning rate increasing with every other Urn you touch. Lord Dunhyld (unique Wraith) will also be summoned with each opened Urn, but on the first and second Urn, bringing him below 25% Life will despawn him until you open the next Urn. After all three Urns are opened, the number of Skeletons summoned becomes finite (but reasonably overwhelming), Lord Dunhyld becomes permanently summoned and killable. To end the event, you need to kill the Wraith and touch the sarcophagus once.

Originally, killing Lord Dunhyld was not required (a Champion pack of Skeletons would spawn at the sarcophagus instead). If he was still alive (well... not destroyed) when you finished the event, he would simply despawn, giving no credit and no loot.

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