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The Mausoleum

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The Mausoleum
Act Act I
Quests None
Levels 1
Monsters Skeleton, Hungry Dead
Adjacent Zones Burial Grounds
Area Level Normal 3
Area Level Nightmare 37
Area Level Hell 85
Waypoint No

Mauseleum Act 1 Diablo 2

The entrance to the Mausoleum

The Mausoleum is a building that can be found on the Burial Grounds which the player travels to for completing the Blood Raven Quest.

It is completely optional but it is worth checking out for both items and experience for low-level characters. Unlike its sister-cave, the Crypt, the Mausoleum does not house a super unique monster in its depths (like Bonebreaker in the Crypt). But, it still contains at least one unique monster in it.

The Mausoleum is also one of the few places with an area level of 85 on Hell, meaning item drops can potentially be of high quality - it also contains only Lightning immune monsters, so some elemental characters might benefit from going there. The area itself however is quite small, and not often used for Magic Finding for this reason.

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