The Protector is a unique Short Staff from Diablo I. Most low level Sorcerers will benefit more from a weapon and a shield. It resembles a spiked baseball bat.



The Protector
Short Staff

  • Damage: 2-4
  • +5 Vitality
  • -5 Damage from Enemies
  • Attacker takes 1-3 Damage
  • Armor Class: 40
  • 86 Healing Charges
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: 25
  • Quality level: 16
  • Availability: Single Player and Multiplayer

Note: This item looks as a club when lying on the ground. It is also very cheap to recharge; with only a few Healing charges missing, a player can actually get it recharged from Adria for free. With all of the charges gone, it would cost less than 200 gold to recharge it.

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