The Rygnar Idol is an event that can be found in Chamber of the Lost Idol in Diablo III. The zone sometimes appears in The Stinging Winds.

Upon using the entrance portal to the Chamber, heroes will be asked by Poltahr to help them find the legendary Idol inside the ruins. The Idol was once in possession of Zoltun Kulle, and now may be a way to save his family from starvation. He will then become a companion for the duration of the quest, as long as within the Chamber.

Inside the ruins, which are filled with Undead minions, one can find Poltahr's Notes, and ultimately the Idol. Once touched, it will summon four Skeletal Guardians (of either type), and once those are dead, may be taken, ending the event, rewarding gold and experience.


Diablo III - The Rygnar Idol Event Guide02:44

Diablo III - The Rygnar Idol Event Guide

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