"I shall make weapons from your BONES!" - The Smith


The Smith guarding the Horadric Malus.

The Smith is a Super Unique Overlord in the service of Andariel found in the Barracks in Act I of Diablo II. He guards the Horadric Malus. Players need to get past him (not necessarily kill him) in order to retrieve the Malus for the Tools of the Trade quest.



When Andariel’s deceit overthrew the structure of the Sisterhood, a great struggle between the followers of Blood Raven and those of Kashya erupted. The Rogues were forced to give up their ancestral home and the Monastery is now filled with voracious hellspawn. While all of these dark beasts are dangerous, the Overlord who guards the Malus is particularly brutal. Known as The Smith, this vile craftsman now uses the power of the Malus to create weaponry for the minions of Diablo.

Tips and Other Additional InformationEdit

Unlike Hephasto the Armorer, the even more Evil counterpart of The Smith, you do not actually have to kill The Smith in order to complete Tools of the Trade. The Smith is pretty fast but you can just try to get rid of him somewhere in the Barracks or even the Outer Cloister, for instance by creating a Town Portal near the Malus before you lure the Smith with you.

If you do face The Smith: his melee attack can be quite devastating on lower levels (when characters are not properly geared yet). If possible attack from range, or try to burn him down as quickly as possible.


  • "Your souls shall fuel the Hellforge!" (removed, now only Hephasto says this)
  • "I shall make weapons from your bones!"
  • "You will DIE!" (removed)
  • "I shall CRUSH you!" (removed)
  • "Now I will KILL you!" (removed)
  • "Your soul is MINE!" (removed)

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