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The Tannr Gorerod is a unique Pike.

Imbued with powers of fire, The Tannr Gorerod is powerful for a normal unique; however, its very slow attack speed may be harmful to some users, and therefore the Tannr Gorerod may be better off in the hands of a Desert Mercenary hireling.



The Tannr Gorerod

Two-Hand Damage: (25-28) to (113-126)
Required Level: 27
Required Strength: 60
Required Dexterity: 45
Durability: 25
Spear Class - Very Slow Attack Speed
+80-100% Enhanced Damage
Adds 23-54 Fire Damage
+60 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +15%
15% To Maximum Fire Resist
+30 to Life
+3 To Light Radius

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