"These things mock my people's traditions — they will pay."


The Three Guardians is an event in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III of Diablo III. It only occurs in Adventure Mode, and may be nominated a bounty.


"What? Spirits? That's... that's unfair! We killed them already! These beasts are so retched even death doesn't want them."

Goat Event

The three statues

In the Ruins of Sescheron, players may find a circular arena with a ceremonial Ice Clan Khazra drum and the three golden statues of ancient Goatman heroes. Upon clearing the arena, one may touch the drum, breaking it.

This will cause one of the statues to come to life, spawning Talos. Killing him and his acolytes will cause the second statue, Mawdol, to come to life as well, also spawning a group of Khazra acolytes of the same type. Last one, after Mawdol's death, is Korbal, also assisted by his acolytes. All three Khazra heroes may summon more acolytes if those are killed.

Killing the two other heroes will result in all three appearing again, this time in form of ghosts, with same stats, and again with groups of ghostly followers. Killing the three guardians again will conclude the event.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Nearly every detail about this event, including name, process, golden statues, and even the unique monsters' names and titles, is a parody on the encounter with the Ancients in Diablo II.

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