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The Tomes of Creation are a series of writings that pertain to Arachyr and his offspring.


  • Arachyr is often portrayed as a spider, but there is much debate as to how many legs he actually had.[1]
  • The unpredictability of the children of Arachyr is also their strength.[2]
  • Much like his uncontrollable children, it is said he can be charmed to do ones bidding-but often turns on his supplicants with no warning.[3]
  • Arachyr was the first of the beasts created for this world. As such, he is father to all others.[4]
  • Some creatures are born of chaos. They can be summoned, but never tamed.[5]


The writings form the basis of the flavor text for the components of the Spirit of Arachyr item set in Diablo III.


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