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The Underground Passage
Act I
Quest(s) None
Levels 2
Monster(s) Misshapen, Skeleton Archer, Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Carver, Vile Hunter
Adjacent Zone(s) Stony Field, Dark Wood
Area Level Normal 4
Area Level Nightmare 37, 38
Area Level Hell 69, 83
Waypoint No

The Underground Passage can be found in Act I, following a path through Stony Field.

The Underground Passage boasts two floors, and connects Stony Field and Dark Wood. The player will be first asked to travel through here during the Search for Cain quest.

The first floor of the Underground Passage will lead to two locations: the stairs to the Dark Wood, and the second level of the passage.

The second floor is optional, and contains a golden treasure chest for the player to claim.

Several monsters inhabit both floors of the Underground Passage, including Skeletons, Corrupted Rogues, and Tainted. Large groups of Carvers and Fallen are also present, the latter including their Shamans as well. No specific Super Unique is present in the Underground Passage, though the second floor may contain one or two randomized Uniques, as well as Champions.
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