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The Weeping Hollow is a large outdoor area that leads to the Cementery of the Forsaken. The Corpse of the Blacksmith's Apprentice will always spawn in this area, and it is a bonus objective of A Shattered Crown.

The Lorebook Tree of the Hanged may also spawn in a random event - northeast of the Hollow, a coffin can be found with tombstones around it. When clicked, it spawns a few skeletons, which when killed will drop the lorebook.

Another random event can occur where the ground under the character turns blue and purple and a horde of skeletons spawn.

Spawnable LocationsEdit

Spawnable ContainersEdit

  • Chest
  • Corpse of Blacksmith's Apprentice
  • Dead Adventurer
  • Dead Villager
  • Log
  • Rock Pile
  • Rotten Log
  • Rotten Coffin
  • Stump
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