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For other uses, see Wickerman.

The Wickerman (a.k.a. The Burning Man) is a deity of Fire worshipped by Bogans.


The Wickerman is encountered during The Burning Man event. He is a Unique Burning Wood Specter, in form of a humanoid figure composed of wood and ignited. Killing his followers causes him to spawn.

He has Molten affix in combat, and may unleash a 60 yard-long nova of piercing swirling fireballs. Periodically he will vanish in a fiery explosion (deals high Fire damage within 12 yards of him). After that, a chain of fiery stream will travel from one torch in the pit to another, dealing Fire damage to anything caught by the streams. Once 5-10 jumps are performed, The Wickerman reappears.

Killing him ends the event.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Wicker Man is a wooden, human-shapen statue the druids were burning during the rituals, possibly combined with human sacrifices. It is often referenced in popular art.

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