A Tir rune is a low rune which can be socketed into equipment in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Some popular rune words use Tir runes, but the value of Tir runes is limited by how frequently they drop.


Equipment type Effects
Weapon +2 To Mana After Each Kill
Body armor or helm +2 To Mana After Each Kill
Shield +2 To Mana After Each Kill

Socketing an item with a Tir rune increases the item's level requirement to 13, unless it was already higher.


The Countess's extra rune drops on any difficulty can include Tir runes.

The Hellforge on normal difficulty has a 1 in 11 chance to drop a Tir rune as part of its quest reward.

The Act 2 Good treasure class has a chance to drop a Tir rune, as do higher Good treasure classes.

The Horadric Cube can transmute three Eld runes into one Tir rune.

Rune WordsEdit

Tir runes are used in fourteen rune words.

  • Beast 'BerTirUmMalLum' axe, scepter or hammer
  • Crescent Moon 'ShaelUmTir' axe, sword or polearm
  • Edge 'TirTalAmn' missile weapon (ladder only)
  • Grief 'EthTirLoMalRal' sword or axe (ladder only)
  • Harmony 'TirIthSolKo' missile weapon (ladder only)
  • Honor 'AmnElIthTirSol' melee weapon
  • Insight 'RalTirTalSol' polearm or staff (ladder only)
  • Leaf 'TirRal' staff
  • Nadir 'NefTir' helm
  • Prudence 'MalTir' body armor
  • Silence 'DolEldHelIstTirVex' weapon
  • Steel 'TirEl' sword, axe or mace
  • Strength 'AmnTir' melee weapon
  • Wealth 'LemKoTir' body armor


Tir runes are used in three Horadric Cube recipes.

  • Transmute three Tir runes to create one Nef rune.
  • Transmute a magic blunt weapon (club, hammer, mace, scepter, wand or staff), a jewel, a Tir rune, and a perfect sapphire to create a crafted Hit Power weapon.
  • Transmute a magic rod (scepter, wand or staff), a jewel, a Tir rune, and a perfect amethyst to create a crafted Caster weapon.

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