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To Hell and Back
To Hell and Back
Developer(s) Wizards of the Coast
Released March 1, 2001
Genre(s) Tabletop RPG
Input methods Paper, pencil, dice

To Hell and Back is a supplement for Dungeons and Dragons: Diablo II Edition.

The game acts as an adaptation of Diablo II, with its classes, NPCs, monsters, items, and spells adapted to pen & paper roleplaying.


Bringing Diablo II to the tabletop.

The legendary Diablo and Diablo II computer games come to life with the release of the tabletop Diablo II: To Hell & Back roleplaying adventure. All a player needs is the Dungeons & Dragons(r) Player's Handbook (0786915501-8/00) to accompany the Diablo II game. Every level and all 4 acts of the computer game are represented in the tabletop mega-adventure, which will also include 64 pages of monsters, information for levels 1-30, and over 60 maps!

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