Tomb Roaches are Beast enemies encountered in Act II of Diablo III, in Temple of the Firstborn. They are very similar to Scarabs in almost every regard.


Though fragile and weak, Tomb Roaches attack in dozens, encountering less than ten at once is rare. They effectively block the character's pathing and can tie them up for larger foes to come closer. They can also drop from the ceiling, but that will leave them briefly helpless as they try to get back on legs.

In battle, they deliver fast bites for average Physical damage.

Very often, there are bloated corpses around the Temple, each releasing a swarm of Tomb Roaches if approached or touched.

Wretched Hosts seem to be infested by particularly volatile Roaches: they can release a charged-up attack that marks several spots on the ground with green glow. After a few seconds, a swarm of glowing Tomb Roaches will erupt from the Host and explode at the marked areas, dealing heavy Poison damage.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Judging by the title of Gun'toth, Vessel of the Inheritors, these and similar insects may actually be seen by Blood Cultists a form of life that will inherit Sanctuary after humans.

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